PROGRES CNC Spółka Cywilna was established in May 2008. However, the beginnings of this business should be seen much earlier, ie. in 2006, when one of the two brothers founded and ran a sole proprietorship.

From the beginning the company is engaged in manufacturing of metal components made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, bronze, brass, plastic. We started producing details on conventional lathes and milling machines to soon replace them with CNC machines and at one time enlarge our team, which was consistent with the implementation of the thought and vision of dynamic development strategy.

Using modern Mazak machines we realize both series and unit production, acting on domestic market and foreign markets. Orders are made from customer-provided or our own materials on the basis of detailed findings and analysis of customers’ requirements.
Manufacturing process control is an important element of production process.

Produced detailes are subject to strict quality control at each stage of production. We use both simple manual measurement tools as well as automatic control systems to perform one hundred percent quality control of the manufactured parts.

Experience that PROGRESS CNC has gained since 2002 has been focused on the engineering industry, automotive industry (mainly on the buses production segment), heating and gas industries.

We believe in modern technology and development in this direction is our priority.

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with our offer.